RUST A Language for next 40 years!!

Rust is exciting!!
At least this is what developers in almost every discipline are saying.
With so many languages out there it’s a tough task to decide which language to learn first or later. And how can one determine which language is more exciting than the other one? 
Let’s see what’s exciting about RUST and why should you learn it.


What is RUST?

Rust is a modern systems-level programming language designed with safety in mind. Rust is quite young but on surface seems much like older languages like C or C++. It offers the performance of C and C++ but with safeguards. It provides zero cost abstraction, generics, functional features and plenty more.


Exciting Things:

  1. Empowering Technology:


    Carol Nichols says:

    "The biggest strength of Rust is that it's an empowering technology"

    He is from Rust Programming language core team and co-author of Rust programming language.
  2. Code faster with low memory:

    "To write extremely fast code with a low memory footprint previously meant using C or C++. However, using those languages in production code requires you to manage memory manually and know all the ways you might cause undefined behavior."
    "The Rust compiler is stricter and makes sure you're using memory safely so that you can concentrate on the problem you're really trying to solve"

    Nichols says.
  3. Get started:

    Getting started with any new language is not an easy task and there are certainly easier languages to learn, like Python, but then again Python isn’t for everyone. So why learn Rust?
    Best time to learn Rust is now! Because 2018 edition is released with lots of improvements to idioms of language to make Rust more efficient to read and write.

  4. Perfect Blend:

    Every language has its advantages and disadvantages. Low-level languages are good for hardware level work. 
    Similarly, High level languages like Python and Ruby have their own purpose, they are easier to read and write. Memory management is easy for user and comfortable to debug.
    Rust blends the qualities of both. It combines the speed of low-level language and memory management, safety and debugging facility of high level language.

  5. Cargo:

    Just like we use npm in JavaScript, Rust uses it’s package manager called Cargo which handles everything you need for your project. You will use Cargo to create new project, to compile, to build, to check code for errors and to manage your dependencies for project.
    Every project has Cargo.toml file. Every time you build your project Cargo will package everything your project needs by using this file. This file contains all the details about the project.

  6. Powerful combination of Rust and Web Assembly:

    Rust not only brings safety and speed to hardware but also to web. Rust can be compiled into web assembly (a language and a portable executable for running code online), which runs in each major web browser at near-native speed.

    "Web Assembly is a really promising new domain to bring native application performance to the web"

    says Nichols.
    Frameworks such as Rocket allows you to develop web-apps purely in Rust.
    You must be thinking JavaScript for web development isn’t going anywhere any time soon, so why use Rust? It is not going anywhere but the combination of Rust and Web Assembly is incredibly powerful and will be important part of many projects soon.
  7. Operating System made in Rust:
    Redox Operating system

    Redox is Unix-like micro kernel language written in Rust. Redox aims to be secure, usable and free. It is similar to GNU or BSD ecosystem but in a memory safe language and modern technology.

  8. Create Cross-Platform and Command Line tools:

    According to co-founder of Rust, Nichols:

    “Cross-platform command line applications are another place where Rust really shines.”

    You can cross-compile to platforms you’re targeting and get a single binary to ship to users.
    Ridgrep (a line-oriented search tool that recursively searches your current directory for a regex pattern)is a great example, which works faster than any other text searching tool in its class.


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