Thinking of getting a CRM? And don’t know if it’s the right time or not?
Let’s start with some brainstorming and answer a question, what should come first:
Certain number of customers or a CRM software?


Some will agree with the first choice and some will not, they both are correct at some point.


Suppose if you chose the first option, you might have chosen it because what’s the point of getting a CRM software if you don’t have customers to manage? And even if you have some customers and you can easily manage their data using spreadsheets or any other software, there’s no point of getting a CRM.

Well if you’re thinking the same as above then you’re not completely correct!!
Using spreadsheets is not a bad idea at all, you can use them as a temporary CRM fix, but what if you used them for the tasks they are not designed to handle? It can cost you a lot more than just customers, your sales process can suffer as a result.


According to Brent Leary, cofounder and partner of CRM Essentials

“ Theres no such thing too soon, when it comes to CRM softwares”

The saying “the customer is always right” means to treat customers as a top priority. There are many ways to do that, but many businesses utilize a very important tool to ensure they can keep their customers happy. That tool is CRM software.

When is the Right Time?



Although we already discussed a little, if you should get the CRM before/after having customers, there are some things to keep in mind before you really go for it.

1)    Lacking to keep up-to-date information:

While representing your company or dealing with any customer, the most important thing is up-to-date information, you need correct and current statistics and information. If you are lacking to update your information, then it is right time to spend some money on CRM software. In CRM software data is updated in real time and anyone can access it when necessary.


2)    Difficulty in accessing data:

Within a company there are several departments, each department have their own data and sometimes two departments work together which means they need to communicate and access data. It will take longer to exchange data without a CRM software because data would not be centralized or accessible by others like in a CRM software.


3)    Struggling with marketing tasks:

Marketing is the basic strategy to reach out to your customers and your customer’s data stored in CRM software can help marketing team to generate strong marketing campaigns based on customer’s previous purchase information or other details.



4)    Poor customer experience:

Suppose I marketed a product, you became interested in it and contacted me to get more info about it. Now I’m taking time to reply to you or assist you. You’ll lose the interest or maybe don’t take interest in any of my product after that. This is poor customer experience.
Any business top priority is to make customers happy. If you are somehow lacking in providing good customer experience, then it’s the right time to get a CRM. Because the main purpose of CRM is to create a good customer relationship, which includes timely responses, assistance with purchases or any other issues customers may have.

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